Welcome to our Lab Family!


This is the space to welcome our new lab members, where we share a bite of their stories and their new role in our team.

portrait picture of Carlos Carvajal

Carlitos is our first Biological Technical Assistant. His Spanish happiness, enthusiasm and his hands-on experience in lab managing helps the lab to run more smoothly and effectively.

Portrait picture of Jomy Kuruvila

Jomy Kuruvila made a lab rotation in our lab as part of his master’s program at the University of Bonn, Germany. For a few months in summer 2020, Jomy learnt a variety of lab techniques to distinguish the different forms of programmed cell death.

Portrait of Kalvin Nugraha

Kalvin is our first student assistant. He comes from Indonesia with his barista art and love for music. Kalvin is a molecular biology student at the university of Bonn. He is a fan of the very broad field of molecular medicine. His long term goal is to someday invent or improve molecular biology techniques to ease and better the research in medicine.

Giulia Gangarossa

Giulia arrived this year 2022 directly from Italy to our Lab Family as an Erasmus Student. She is very curious to learn more techniques in molecular biology and explore the world of programmed cell death. In her free time she loves dancing and going out with friends.