Lab Activities


From parties, to dinners, to Karneval, we share with you our social Lab-Life in the dynamic city of Cologne, Germany.

Carnival at the CMMC, Cologne 2020

Our first "Karneval" at the CMMC, 2020

Kurian and Annibaldi Labs

Kurian and Annibaldi Labs ready to party at the CMMC, Karneval 2020

Kristel and Kanika

Socializing with other Labs at the CMMC, Karnaval 2020

Dinner at Casita Mexicana

Mexican dinner at Casita Mexicana to celebrate that the FlipoCytes family is complete. Our family started with the love of two passionate scientists, Nieves and Ale, who are a beautiful couple with two cute kids, Agus and Lolo. Last year they started their own independent labs at the University of Cologne to understand how cells in mammals decide to live or to die. To achieve this purpose, they brought together passionate scientists from different part of the world: Ximena and Lucas from Argentina, Mohammed from Egypt, Deniz from Turkey, Carlos from Spain and Kristel from Mexico. We say cheers for the upcoming achievements and for the many dinners to come!